What should Google do with robots?

A very interesting article here:


In my hopefully incorrect view, Google is making the same mistake that Microsoft made; it is purchasing companies only to stifle them. This has now happened with a number of promising companies, with a notable local example: BufferBox.

2 thoughts on “What should Google do with robots?”

  1. The article states “… We’re now looking at the great technology work the teams have done so far, defining some specific real-world problems in which robotics could help, and trying to frame moonshots to address them. …”

    It’s like Google went on a robotics-company buying spree without actually having in mind a specific Question that needed to be answered. Not sure if the strategy was to buy up everything in the robotics ecosphere before anyone else did, then ponder the problem of “Okay. What can we invent today?” but that seems to sort of be what they did.

    I think once they have that Question they’ll apply their considerable resources in a way that will result in a spectacular outcome. Who knows what will follow?

    1. Possibly they were expecting robotics to take off with the speed of smartphones, and so wanted to be ahead of the curve. Andy Rubin apparently drove the purchase decisions, so it sorta makes sense. Robotics is a bit harder than just software + shiny screen though…

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