Minor quote in insideunmannedsystems

UGV’s Gaining Ground

Minor quote from me on robotics in mining applications.

Podcast spotlight

Intelligent Autonomous Robots with Ilia Baranov

Got a great interview in with This Week in Machine Learning and AI.

Check it out!

Great comic about engineering student life in Canada

It’s a robot’s world

A great, in-depth look into Clearpath as a company, and a little culture as well.

Robots in Agriculture

Very interesting article about the current state of Agricultural robots. Clearpath Robotics mentioned for the Grizzly robot.

A very surprising statistic:

Cropdusters have the 3rd highest fatality rate among professions in the US.

90% of crop spraying in Japan is done using small unmanned helicopters.

Clearpath Founders Top 40 under 40

Business Insider has listed Clearpath Robotics founders as some of the Top 40 under 40 today!

I couldn’t agree more, this is a fantastic place to work!