Good reading – The Book of Life

Highly recommended reading, often updated and well thought out. A modern approach to philosophy of everyday life that isn’t above being applicable and useful.

Bravo to the team that put this together!

(Their videos are good too!)

4 months of “the quantified self”

Collected activity data


Data path:   Fitbit Charge 2 -> IFTTT -> Google Docs Spreadsheet -> WordPress Visualizer

Ideator – The business idea generator

Hearing tons of investor-speak “we are the X of Y” “We revolutionize X with technology Y” I decided to make an automatic generator for such things.

Every time you refresh this page, you should get 3 elevator pitches.
Take a few minutes to try and defend each one, should be good exercise to get the innovation juices flowing
Have fun with the generator!


$command = escapeshellcmd(‘/var/www/html/scripts/ideator/ 3 ‘);
$output = shell_exec($command);
echo $output;


James Kuffner joins Toyota from Google Robotics – Business Insider

After the division’s tumultuous year, a cofounder of Google Robotics just left to work at Toyota.

Source: James Kuffner joins Toyota from Google Robotics – Business Insider

Sadly it looks like Google (or Alphabet now) has bitten off more than it can chew with its robotics division. Multiple leaders of the group have moved on, and so far no large public project has been shown. Please Google, PLEASE learn the lessons that Microsoft had to learn the hard way in the 90-00s.