Webinar on open source robotics.

Hey, I was in a webinar on open source in Robotics!

What is open source software? What are some the advantages and disadvantages? Can every robot use ROS (Robot Operating System)? These are just a few of the questions discussed in last month’s Robots and Open Source Operating Software webinar, hosted by Robotic Industries Association.

  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of open source software?
  • What is corporate America’s concerns with open source? Safety?
  • Can every robot use ROS, what are the impediments?
  • What could open source mean to industrial robotics?
  • What about open source and the profit motive in software?
  • Who saves $$ on ROS from the big picture perspective?
  • The Internet of Things and ROS/ROSi and Security?
  • What does the future look like?

Click here to watch a full recording of the webinar and learn more about open source operating software and how it’s driving the field of robotics.




Featured in SICK blog

Most collaborative robots are stationary. But what if you need it to move items from one location to another? See how to make collaborative robots mobile!

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Jobs That Humans Will Never Do Again, As Long As We Have Robots

Robots are entering the workforce. Some will work alongside you. Others, sadly, will put you out of a job. The question is, which jobs are actually on the chopping block?

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PR2 Best Buds

PR2 Best Buds
PR2 Best Buds

Clearpath Robots

Robots in Agriculture

Very interesting article about the current state of Agricultural robots. Clearpath Robotics mentioned for the Grizzly robot.

A very surprising statistic:

Cropdusters have the 3rd highest fatality rate among professions in the US.

90% of crop spraying in Japan is done using small unmanned helicopters.