What should Google do with robots?

A very interesting article here:


In my hopefully incorrect view, Google is making the same mistake that Microsoft made; it is purchasing companies only to stifle them. This has now happened with a number of promising companies, with a notable local example: BufferBox.

James Kuffner joins Toyota from Google Robotics – Business Insider

After the division’s tumultuous year, a cofounder of Google Robotics just left to work at Toyota.

Source: James Kuffner joins Toyota from Google Robotics – Business Insider

Sadly it looks like Google (or Alphabet now) has bitten off more than it can chew with its robotics division. Multiple leaders of the group have moved on, and so far no large public project has been shown. Please Google, PLEASE learn the lessons that Microsoft had to learn the hard way in the 90-00s.


Simulating Clearpath Robots in MapleSim

Using Clearpath Robots in Maplesim, and comparing real and virtual systems

Source: Simulating Clearpath Robots in MapleSim

Transformation Station – Waterloo Public Library

Last Saturday, Jeff and I visited the Waterloo Public Library for their  Transformation Station event.

Jeff and I had a great time showing children how fun and inspiring robotics can be.

Even some of the parents were interested as well!


A big thank you to Waterloo Public library for hosting Clearpath Robotics.


STEM – Destination Imagination

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On Nov 4th-6th, THEMUSEUM hosted a great event for furthering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education for primary school students. Speaking for Clearpath Robotics, I got to share my passion for robotics with the next generation of students.

A huge thank you to THEMUSEUM for the opportunity and for sharing the images.