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Write-ups about interesting projects and professional work.

Consulting and IP work

It was a great experience, exactly what we were looking for. In a very short period of time Ilia fit into the team and provided a lot of the knowledge and experience we were missing. Everyone on the team was impressed with his contribution.

US Patent Application: Apparatus for communicating with a touch screen display

CA Patent of above


https://github.com/ibaranov-cp  GitHub Profile with lots of different professional and personal fun projects.

IVB SGP4 Propagator, written in after my first co-op term at the Canadian Space Agency in LabVIEW (UI) and C++ (propagator). This case study was also turned into course material for CS students at the University of Waterloo.



Public Speaking









Y-Combinator Finalist for Key Encryption Tech

Waterloo ECE Symposium best poster award

Class Representative for ECE 2013 since 2009

Sabeta IP award – $6,000 for patent services at NBTC

Enterprize Canada – Ontario Champion and top 6 Nationwide

Ontario Engineering Competition – Second Place, Inovative Design

First Place Sandford Fleming Foundation Technical Speaking Competition – University of Waterloo

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